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We at Sunshine understand that each customer is unique with their own needs. That’s why we are happy to offer a variety of custom options, ranging from cut sizes to burger blends and a whole lot in between. Our Cut Shop is equipped to handle your needs, large or small. 


Our Himalayan Salt dry age room is here to bring your custom cuts to a whole new level. In addition to offering our standard dry aging, we are happy to work together with you to develop a custom program to suit your needs. 


Want a burger that will really wow your guests? Our Burger Lab has been making award winning patties since 2008. We will work directly with you to create a fully custom, unique burger blend just for you - complete with an NDA to ensure your secret is safe. 


Talk to your sales rep today for more information on how Sunshine can help you shine brightest. 




Sunshine Provisions has a fleet of trucks and vans covering a wide range of South Florida and beyond. Our delivery drivers are courteous and efficient and go the extra mile to ensure your order is well handled and on time. We have a production team working through the night to get our trucks on the road as early as possible so you never have to worry whether or not your order will arrive on time. 


Many of our specialty items are available by pre order only. There’s no reason for that to prevent you from having the peace of mind of knowing that your products will be there when you need them. We are happy to offer a unique way to mitigate those concerns. With our inventory par system, we can ensure that your needs are met every time.  


We will work with you to determine your inventory needs and set a sufficient par for the necessary products. Go below your threshold and we will pull from your overstock inventory in our facility and have it on your next delivery! 


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